Why use a printing broker?

Print brokers are not tied to any one printer and have the unique ability to shop for their customers. This circumvents hundreds of printers with high overheads, going directly to printers with lower margins that offer trade discounts.

When a broker handles your printing, they assume the responsibility for delivering a successful project. The client is eliminated from the stressful aspect of pricing, proofing and press checks.

Why use VisualGraphics as your print broker?

No matter what your printing needs may be, from high-end collateral, to multi-page product literature, to catalogs that run into hundreds of pages, there’s a print source available through VisualGraphics that best fits every job. VisualGraphics can negotiate extremely competitive sheet fed or web press pricing for large or small offset print jobs from one color to six or more colors, including embossing, foil stamping, coating or die cutting.

  1. We understand printing and availability of presses.
  2. The "right press" means that your work is well matched to the hardware of the shop.
  3. With the "right press" you print cost-effectively.

Call today for a free quote. We are confident that we can save you money on your next printing job.

Printed catalog order

No job too big...
This 50,000 print run of a 184 page perfect bound catalog took 450 lbs. of ink, 25 tons of paper and was delivered on 34 pallets. In one single stack, this catalog order rises over 2,000 feet high.

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