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Since 1976, VisualGraphics has helped many Puget Sound Companies achieve marketing success by creating signature looks that helped them become industry leaders. To have continued success, a strong and professional corporate identity is the first impression customers will have. "You only get one chance to make a good first impression."

HydraMaster Building

HydraMaster Corporation
A one or two man garage operation in 1978, HydraMaster is now a leader worldwide in the manufacturing of professional, truckmounted carpet cleaning equipment and supplies.

PRP Building Precision Replacement Parts
Originating in 1986, Precision has grown to become the undisputed leader in automobile, aftermarket weatherstrip products with the help of branding from VisualGraphics. Today, Precision manufacturers and distributes products worldwide, and to the world’s largest automobile glass related companies like PPG and LOF.
Frontier Bank Building CITC Special Effects Equipment
CITC Corporation ( is an award winning manufacturing company offering the largest selection of haze machines in the world. Other equipment produced by CITC includes machines for fog, mist, bubbles, wind, snow, confetti and foam
Washington Dairy Council Washington State Dairy Council
For over 20 years, VisualGraphics has provided graphic assistance designing and producing brochures, posters, games and a wide variety of helpful educational tools for the promotion of lifelong health and enjoyment of food through nutritional education.

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